About Kobaba

KObaba is one of Nigeria’s finest and Award Winning Comedian currently residing in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He has grown to be notably the most influential entertainer in the city of Port Harcourt.

No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure.

Sir Marcus McKellen
Founder & Actor (HFC)

A Master in Humor

It is not exaggerating to say that KObaba is a Master in humor; very articulate, considerate, reliable, resourceful, original, and oratorical. He has a reputation for delivering Clean and Classy jokes. He is very Spontaneous, Creative, Charismatic and an entrepreneurial minded entertainer.

KObaba was recently described as the most publicized brand in the entertainment sphere of Rivers State with his consistent appearance across Social, Secular, Religious and High Profiled events. He has a good sense of humor and coordination whenever he’s working as a compere, that’s obviously what most comedians lack. He is often referred to as the Motivational Comedian.

He is also rated as the most consistent event host in Rivers State; he runs several brands of entertainment showpiece created by him, such as: Gospel Gang Party (a Monthly Gospel Hip Hop show), The Big Talk Breakfast Show (a quarterly empowerment platform), KObaba Unlimited Tour (an Annual Campus tour), KObaba on duty (Annual Comedy Concert), Connect with KObaba and Kaydee Numbere (a newly introduced fans connect platform), PLAY with KObaba and Afy Douglas (an Annual Praise and Comedy Concert) etc.

KObaba is a detribalized Nigerian, one who assists others (especially the younger generation) and ensure that they succeed in their chosen careers. He has a way of pushing the magic wand, and the result of his selfless service and passion of supporting others is one worth emulating. He’ll always say; “if you want to serve the people, start by making impact and being a blessing to the people”

KObaba is also one of the brains and pillars behind the Port Harcourt Sabi The Tin movement. He is also an amazing husband, brother, friend and mentor to many.

Notable Awards

  • G-INFLUENCE: “Gospel Comedian of the Year, 2015”
  • IBIBO STUDENTS (ISU UNIPORT CHAPTER): “Legendary Comedian of the Year, 2017”
  • IPMFRAN: “Nigerian Comedian of the year, 2017”
  • HOLY HOUSE: “Most Outstanding Comedian of the year, 2017”

Notable Awards

  • iNSPIRED AWARDS: “Best Event Anchor of the year, 2017”
  • NDAA: “Fast-Rising Comedian of the year, 2015”
  • BEST OF RIVERS AWARD (BORA): “Best Comedian of the year, 2016”
  • INSPIRE AFRICA MAGAZINE AWARDS: “Ledde’s Motivational Comedian of the year, 2017”

Connect with KObaba via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube: @kobabaunlimited